Robert Jacks at the NGV

Seeing such a complete collection of Robert Jacks in one space was profound - evident in the prolific body of work. He has seemingly weaved his way through the decades with an academic determination. His artworks are deliberate, mathematical and serene. There is a sense of resolution with each one and his exploration is evident. The influence of Braque and Picasso is so obvious in his early works and he carries off the homages successfully and without any apology to their saturation in his work. He is the master of ownership. Its a really exciting exhibition to see.

stillness in flight

Sometimes life can be so busy, so relentless, so exhausting it is difficult to take time to nurture my own self. But when I do step away from the chaos and am contemplative I become rejuvenated with imaginings and journey to a world of possibilities. This is the space from which the seeds grow and my life blossoms. This is the stillness in flight.

another successful grocery shop!

I have four hungry boys. I am ALWAYS shopping for food! And thus with each return journey laden with boxes of fruit and vegetables and mountains of groceries spilling out from my car windows (mythical beast) I have that sense of accomplishment that can sometimes last for at least 3 hours. Basically until 4pm when they all get home. Famished.

So I completely relate to the warrior feeling. I am a hunter and gatherer. I am master of my own kitchen. I have a big knife and I know how to use it.

This fine art limited edition digital reproduction print is strictly limited to 50 prints and is hand signed and numbered by the artist. Printed on archival paper and with archival ink.

the gun

It is my metaphor for self preservation, strength and power. It is real and it is foreboding and it is dangerous.

thinking about the masks we wear

A day in the studio nutting out some more ideas and concepts. Its the faces I am becoming intrigued with. The masks, the hidden sadness, the hidden joy and the quiet contemplation. For now these are just roughs, working with a bit of acrylic and also a bit of oil. Oil is like my secret drug and I know its so bad for me, so toxic, but every time I enter the studio it whispers my name....and i keep going back

some printmaking archives

Trawling through mountains of work. Mostly drawings and paintings and most of which have been photographed with an unfocused lense. Sigh! Nevertheless I have chosen some etchings to share that I still like and find endless memories in. Its lovely to give them some life again.

 Woman of fable. Etching. From my archives.

 Bathtub. Etching. From my archives.

 Mirror mirror. Etching. From my archives.

 Silhouette. Linocut. From my archives.

 Chairs. Lithograph. From my archives.

  My soul in two. Etching. From my archives.

 War. Etching. From my archives.

melinda schawel

@ Flinders Lane Gallery. Gorgeous exhibition. Melinda's paintings are collages. So delicate and feathery they whisk you into their domain and leave you gazing into the fabric that sustains them. Paper. Texture. Colour. The gentle torn edges play softly in the foreground - and the background. There is movement and there is stillness. They are very transfixing and very beautiful and quiet.


lara merrett

@ Karen Woodbury Gallery this exhibition by Lara Merrett was stunning. Gorgeous almost edible cascades of colour folding and fanning and morphing into each other.


melbourne art fair 2014 and galleries

A weekend of trawling through galleries in Melbourne. Heaven! Started the expedition with Hotel Windsor and its renegade (complimentary?) version of the Art Fair - well supposedly complimentary but as it turned out vastly different in style and aesthetic. And presentation. Loved the exhibition put on by Sutton Gallery. This piece by Karen Black stood out for me.

I am a big fan of Del Kathryn Barton. This is one of 5 panels of her work on show at the Melbourne Art Fair 2014.


At the Karen Woodbury Gallery, I fell in love with this exhibition by Angela and Hossein Valamanesh. This piece is by Hossein entitled Breath.

my own little epiphany

In my head I have never stopped creating but after what seems like a hiatus lasting an eternity from making work, I have returned. And I am almost startled to find that the euphoria is familiar, brilliant and almost suffocating. The emotions that I find myself entrenched in are so rich with melancholia and so visceral that I can taste it on my skin. It is like coming home and landing on the ground and I wonder how I have survived without it. It is the magic of life I guess and the satisfaction I have found in distractions (like children and romance and humdrum chaos), but it is truly amazing to now experience such completeness with the simple act of making art.